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Reed sensors series MS
Wroclaw Division of PIT-RADWAR S.A. produces three groups of reed sensors:
Reed sensors types MS01, MS02, MS03

Reed sensors types MS01, MS02, MS03 are designed for PCB mounting.
Sensors are operated by permanent magnets, size and parameters of magnets depend on user's applications.

Basic parameters are below. Additional information are attainable in section Documentation » Data sheets.
Pull-in Ampere Turns (sensitivity) is measured before modification in standard coil.

Technical parameter specification of reed sensors types MS01, MS02, MS03
Technical data Unit TYPE
MS01-01 MS01-02 MS01-03 MS01-04
MS02-01 MS02-02 MS02-03 MS02-04
MS03-01 MS03-02 MS03-03 MS03-04
Contact form   normally open (type A)
Pull-in Ampere turns AT 9÷12 10÷15 15÷20 20÷25
Switching power max W,VA 10 10
Switching voltage max VDC,AC 50 150
Switching current max A 0.5 0.5
Carry current max A 1 1
Contact resistance max 150 150
Breakdown voltage min VDC 100 200
Operate time including bounce time max ms 1 1
Release time max ms 0,1 0,1
Dimension of reed sensors types MS01, MS02, MS03
MS - dimension
all dimension in mm
see data sheets: go to:  
PDF  Reed sensors types MS   reed sensors series DH and MSR
triac switch 230V-100
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