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Dolam - budynek
The Wroclaw Division of PIT-RADWAR S.A. (formed from merger of the Wroclaw Division of the PIT S.A. and the Manufacturing Company of Electronic Components DOLAM S.A. (Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjne Podzespołów Elektronicznych DOLAM S.A.)) is the sole Polish producer of reed switches (miniature, power, change over and high-voltage). We also produce relays and sensors, microwave tubes TWT, solid-state power amplifiers and transceivers, solid-state low-noise amplifiers designed for replacement of TWT, front-ends of microwave receivers, microwave oscillators, heterodynes and similar devices, large selection of microwave hybrid integrated circuits, RWR and ESM equipment for the Navy, the Air Forces and the Army.
We own two locations in Wroclaw at Krakowska 64, a 15757 m2 plot with 12805 m2 of usable area, and employ 140 people, including many highly qualified engineers, microvafe technical specialists and electronics.

Our equipment allows for services of mechanical processing, plastic processing and galvanic coating (tin, ruthenium, palladium and gold coating).

Rich, long term experience and modern equipment let us offer service in following areas:
  • thermal processing in temperatures up to 1500oC in suitable atmosphere: hydrogen, nitrogen and their mixtures, argon, air and vacuum;
  • leak-proof welding and soldering;
  • joining ceramics with metal;
  • vacuum processing;
  • advising in vacuum technics, technology and thermal processing equipment.
In 1996 we were granted the "Cleaner Production" Certificate for our environmental activities.
We manufacture our products in accordance with the requirements of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Our company continuously develops its implemented quality management system, certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, PN-N 18001:2004 standards. Our company is certified in accordance with AQAP 2110:2009 standard.

History of the Manufacturing Company of Electronic Components DOLAM S.A.

The Manufacture Company of Electronic Components "DOLAM" S.A. was launched in 1961 as the Experimental Plant of the Industrial Institute of Electronics (Doświadczalny Zakład Przemysłowego Instytutu Elektroniki). Electron tubes, rectifying diodes, thyratrons, and probes for vacuum gauges were the first products, and then in the following years it produced digital glow displays, microwave tubes and standard reed switches.
In 1965 the company changed its name to the Experimental Plant of Electron Tubes "DOLAM" (Zakład Doświadczalny Lamp Elektronowych "DOLAM").
The production of thin-layer hybrid circuits (which lasted until the mid of the 1990's), new types of reed switches and liquid crystal displays (LCD) was launched in the 1970's.
In 1977 the company changed its name to the Scientific and Manufacturing Centre for Electronic Components and Devices "UNITRA-DOLAM" (Centrum Naukowo-Produkcyjne Podzespołów i Urządzeń Elektronicznych "UNITRA-DOLAM"). Apart form DZE "DOLAM", the centre also encompasses the Institute of Electron Technologies of Wrocław University of Technology ((I>Instytut Technologii Elektronowej Politechniki Wrocławskiej) and the Vacuum Equipment Company (Zakłady Aparatury Próżniowej) in Bolesławiec.
The 1980's saw the introduction of the production of telecommunication reed relays, Hall-effect sensors (production ceased) and microwave tubes with travelling waves (TWT).
In the 1990's the company launched the production of high-voltage reed switches, high-frequency reed switches, sensors, and extended the range of telecommunication reed relays.
On February 1, 1999 the state-owned company "UNITRA-DOLAM" was transformed into a joint stock company, called the Manufacturing Centre for Electronic Components and Devices "UNITRA-DOLAM" S.A.
On January 1, 2005 the abbreviated name of the company "UNITRA-DOLAM" S.A. was changed to "DOLAM" S.A.
On December 21, 2009 "DOLAM" S.A. entered into the Bumar Group.

History of the Wroclaw Division of Telecommunication Reserch Institute S.A.


Beginnings of vacuum electronics reach 1957, when in Wrocław Division of Industrial Electronics Institute (Przemysłowy Instytut Elektroniki (PIE)) (founded one year earlier) work started on development of low noise traveling wave tubes (TWT). The tubes was to be equivalent of Soviet tube UW-1M, used as a pre-amplifier in the Soviet radar P-30 operating in S band. The first of these tubes (Polish type LFB-5) was made using glass technology and was focused using an external solenoid. Input and output signals were inserted by waveguide adapters coupled by capacitance respectively with input and output of the TWT spiral.
Jawor M
Radar "Jawor M"
During period 1960-64 series of low noise, L-band TWT was developed for Polish radars Jawor.
All L-band TWT had rf signal input and output on coaxial lines coupled with the tube through cavity resonators. Designers of these TWT, Mr Jerzy Kampa and Mr&nbp;Wiktor Sielanko were members of a team, which was rewarded with National Prize in 1964 for development of Polish radar Jawor.
Era of low-noise TWT was ended in late 60's due to significant progress achieved in solid state technology which allowed to construct solid state rf amplifiers operating as receivers front end in radars. The last low-noise TWT – LFB-51 was developed in 60's. It operated in S-band with noise figure of <5dB.
Mr Wiktor Sielanko from Wrocław Division was member of a team rewarded in 1970 with National Prize for development of Polish radar Jawor M.
After 1972, as result of reorganization of PIE, the Wrocław Division became a member of a group Research and Development Center of Vacuum Electronics (Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Elektroniki Próżniowej (OBREP)). Since beginning of seventies the Wrocław Division of OBREP took part in development of fully coherent radars of N-family (NUR). By seventies, TWT - LO-20 and LO-111 operating in L-band and used in transmitters of surveillance radar NUR 31. The tube LO-20 with output Power of 15W and the tube LO-111 with output power of 5kW formed two first stages of transmitter power amplifier. These TWT and all succeeding them had construction ceramics-metal and periodical focusing system. At the same time, development of S-band TWT started used in radar N-21 detecting low-flying objects. Tubes LO-401 and LO-301 were designed for this radar by dr Wojciech Czarczyński and Mr Tadeusz Fijewski. General concept of power TWT’s their design and computation, and technological were supervised by dr Janusz Sobański. Manufacturing of all mentioned tubes was transferred to DZE DOLAM in 1984.
In 1977, as a result of consecutive re-organization the Wrocław Division was affiliated with In 1977, as a result of consecutive re-organization the Wrocław Division was affiliated with the Institute of Electron Technologies of Wrocław University of Technology (Instytut Technologii Elektronowej Politechniki Wrocławskiej). Since beginning of seventies the work started on hybrid microwave circuits. Several devices were developed using microstrip lines on ceramic and ferrite substrates such as (also produced on small scale):
  • Power dividers (6 types),
  • L-band mixers ML 30 and ML300,
  • S-band mixers MS-300,
  • Large signal mixer UMDS,
  • Microwave p-i-n switches (8 types),
  • Amplifiers WTLN,
  • Front-end SAN.
IN eighties, the offer of hybrid circuits were systematically widened, operating in S and L-band such as amplifiers, circulators, mixers, power dividers, filters and transmit-receive systems for:
  • System SICARID identifying railway carriages,
  • Devices for automatic control of railway cars speed on humps,
  • Radio-altimeters for small aircrafts,
  • Police road radar MIRADO.
Devices warning about radiation level WIP-1 and WIP-2 for individual soldier was also developed under supervision of dr Jerzy Kampa.
Since 1 July 1993, a part of the Institute of Electron Technologies (Instytut Technologii Elektronowej) concerned with microwave technology was transferred to Telecommunications Research Institute (Przemysłowy Instytut Telekomunikacji) as a result of agreement between these two companies. During all the time work on development of TWT was continued to widen the offer.
TWT LO-550
As a result since 1993 the following new types of TWT's were developed:
  • LO-302 with output peak power 10kW (average power of 150W) operating in S-band,
  • LO-112 with output peak power 10kW (average power of 150W) operating in L-band,
  • LO-750 with output peak power 5kW (average power of 100W) operating in X-band,
  • LO-550 with output peak power 10kW (average power of 500W) operating in C-band,
  • LO-303M2 with output peak power 10kW (average power of 400W) operating in S-band,
  • LO-120 with output peak power 40kW (average power of 800W) operating in L-band.
All tubes were developed for radars delivered by PIT and WZR RAWAR.
Apart of traveling wave tubes, the Wrocław Division develops and manufactures complete amplifiers using TWTs, e.g. amplifier BWL-122 for transmitter for radar RST-12M or amplifier LFC-201 for weapon locating radar LIWIEC.
A team headed by Mr Tadeusz Fijewski developed tubes LO-302 and LO-112, tubes LO-120 and LO-303M2 were developed by a team supervised by dr Eugeniusz Adamski, and tubes LO-550 and LO-560 by a team directed by Mr Waldemar Wiejak.
Amplifiers NSX-800, LFC-201 and BWL-122 developed a team headed by Mr Waldemar Wiejak.
Amplifier IMA-S
Apart of transistor amplifier IMA-1.1, operating in L-band, teams supervised by dr Jerzy Kampa developed transistor amplifier IMA-S (with output power of 15W) and WTCI operating in C-band with output power of 10W and also the amplifier L-100 operating in L-band with output pulse power of 100W. The team directed by Mr&nbps;Andrzej Zajdel continues and develops these activities by developing transmit-receive (TR) modules with output power of 2kW. From 1998 to 2002 the Wrocław division of PIT S.A. took part in modernization missile sets OSA and KUB, replacing TWTs in radar receivers by solid-state amplifiers.
One of the most important achievements of the Wrocław Division in the field of microwave systems is development of the system Breń-R (in cooperation with Microtech Int. Ltd and Gdańsk Division of PIT). State Tests of the ship version of the system were completed in 1997 with decision to start production. Dr Zbigniew Kempisty (the Wrocław Division of PIT) was the coordinator of the project and digital processing and software was developed by a team headed by Mr Tadeusz Nowak from company Microtech Int. Ltd. (Wrocław).

The system Breń-R is of class RWR/ESM, with following basic functions:
  • Detection of sources of radar radiation around and without scanning,
  • Determination of technical parameters of emission sources (amplitude, pulse width, frequency, angle),
  • Tracking objects (being sources of emission) in real time.
Systems Breń-R are realized in two versions: for ships and as reconnaissance container SROKOSZ.
The next stage of Breń-R development was its application as detection channel block (BTW) in reconnaissance system MUR20 (ELINT).
The BTW is a modified system Breń-R with widened operational bandwidth, increased sensitivity and increased possibilities of cooperation with other systems inside of the system MUR20. The BTW determines roughly position of an emission source, transfers it to the analysis channel, and there searching of the preliminary determined sector follows to find more precisely the source position.
Success of Breń-R and BTW-10 for MUR20 was a result of earlier, many years long experiences and concepts developed in Radiotechnics Institute of WAT (WAT - Military Academy of Technology). Eleven systems in different versions were manufactured till to 2006.
Parameters of systems Breń-R are very close to the similar systems produced in that time by well known foreign companies. Positive user opinions concerning tactical/technical parameters, simplicity of operation, high reliability and well organized servicing, confirm that this system developed by the Wrocław Division and cooperating companies was a great technical and organizational success.
This is why the Wrocław Division started R&D works to modernize design of this system to meet new requirements of the users, taking advantages of the recent progress in technology. And this became a specialty of the Wrocław Division.
Development of radar reconnaissance systems using receivers of direct detection was the next perspective target for the Wrocław Division. To achieve this, cooperation with PPW Techmil has started by the end of 1999, on developing a modular, compact RWR/ESM system of a new generation to be used on different platforms.
These works were successfully completed and a new system was installed aboard of reconnaissance aircrafts. Mr Andrzej Zajdel was the designer of the system ESM-10
R&D works on radars reconnaissance systems are further continued. Between domestic users of our products they are MoD or WZU S.A. between foreign partners Thorn MD (UK) and CERN (CH) should be mentioned.

Merger history

On the day of 30 December 2011 the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Economic Section of the Domestic Enterprise Register, passed a sentence on making an entry into Domestic Enterprise Register concerning a fusion of the following companies:
  • Przemysłowy Instytut Telekomunikacji S.A. company, having its registered office in Warsaw ("PIT S.A.")
  • Centrum Naukowo - Produkcyjne Elektroniki Profesjonalnej "RADWAR" S.A. company, having its registered office in Warsaw ("RADWAR S.A.")
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjne Podzespołów Elektronicznych "DOLAM" S.A. company, having its registered office in Wrocław ("DOLAM S.A.")
The entry concerning a/m fusion results in deletion of the "RADWAR S.A." and "DOLAM S.A." in the register. Taken-over companies have been dissolved and quitted as legal entities.
According to art. 492 §1 of the Commercial Law, since the day of fusion the "PIT S.A." assumes all rights and duties of the "RADWAR S.A." and "DOLAM S.A." - so we became a single organisation with common goals and tasks for realisation.
As a result of long-lasting process, crowned by a fusion of three independent entities, a new company of fully universal capacity has been created, providing a wide products offer both in domain of various radar sensors as well as domain of civil products.

On 5 March 2012 the company changed its name to Bumar Elektronika S.A.

On 1 July 2014 the company changed its name to PIT-RADWAR S.A.
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