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Changeover reed switches
Wroclaw Division of PIT-RADWAR S.A. is a producer of reed switch used to switch small and medium power (miniature reed switches), to switch high power (power reed switches), to switch high voltage (vacum reed switches) and changeover reed switch.
Changeover reed switches

Basic parameters are below. Additional information are attainable in section Documentation » Data sheets.
Parameters of reed switche ZW-210 are tested in standard coil CP-11 ».
Technical parameter specification of reed switch ZW-210
Technical data Unit Type of reed switch
Contact form   changeover (type C)
Pull-in Ampere turns AT 50÷120
Switching power max W 30
Switching voltage max VDC 200
Switching current max A 1
Contact resistance max 150
Breakdown voltage min VDC 350
Operate time including bounce time max ms 2.5
Release time max ms 1.5
Insulation resistance NC/NO min Ω 5x108/1x109
  • Should the reed switches be used to switch loads different than resistive we recommend to apply a circuit protecting contacts against exissive wearing out. See in section Support » Aplication.
  • Cutting and/or bending leads may cause the increasing of AT-value. If cutting and/or bending are necessery please to comply with advices in section Support » Aplication.
Dimension of reed switch ZW-210
ZW-210 - dimension
all dimension in mm
see data sheet: go to:  
PDF  ZW-210   miniature reed switches
high voltage reed switches
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